About Us

SPRING 2015 NEWS: Ring Slings are currently only available for purchase locally in Portland, Oregon at Milagros Boutique. 

Can a simple piece of fabric change a life?

We believe it can help. It's simple. Many women around the world are responsible for their families, including gathering food, firewood, and water. Sometimes, this means neglecting the care of their babies due to the greater needs of their husbands and older children, especially when there is no extra fabric available to craft a baby carrier. Our mission is to improve the lives of mothers and young children by offering a practical solution: a simple fabric ring sling.

With every purchase of an Umi ring sling, one will also be made and given to Project Baby Bilum, helping mothers improve the health of their babies by providing closeness and access to the life-giving breast milk they need to survive. 

Wear babies, change lives.